Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Many Grille Panels will my cover have ?


The ‘mock up radiator cover’ in the made to measure section is for illustration purposes only and can not be taken as read that the illustration shows the amount of panels your order will have !

generally up to 780mm (78cm) in width 1 grille panel, 780mm – 1400mm (140cm) 2 grille panels, 1400mm – 2100mm (210cm) 3 grille panels, 2100mm and above 4 grille panels.


Q: Terms & Conditions


We have terms and for most areas which are below, simply click the section and this will show you the full page, for any more information take a look in the ‘Help’ pages


Terms of Use‘  information on our website and stored personal information.

Deliver Terms‘ information on delivery company and prices and times, also returns and late or damaged deliveries.

Ordering Terms‘ information on products, errors, payments, cancellation, returns and discounts

and for any other information take a look in the ‘help‘ pages if you have a specific question then contact us on 01274684000 monday to friday 8:30-4:30  or email

Q: Skirting board cutouts-What shape and what if….


The skirting board cut out is a straight up vertically at the specified depth then curved at the top to accommodate most usual types of skirting at the desired height. Remember when measuring the skirting board to err on the large side because if its a fraction too small the cover won’t fit. If you require a different shape, eq a square cut to go round some boxing-in just put a note in to that effect in ‘additional notes & instructions’ in the radiator cover builder page. If it’s more complicated, post or email the shape required – for instance we often do ‘double cuts’ to cope with both a skirting and wooden floor beading. We don’t recommend trying to cut to the exact contours of the skirting board as it only takes the floor, walls or skirting to be slightly out (and they usually are) and it won’t fit. If your skirting board on one side is significantly different to the other, put a note in the ‘additional notes & instructions’ in the radiator cover builder page with the relevant details.

Q: What veneers and finishes are available on the made to measure covers (& how much)?


Oak, Pine and Sapele (Mahogany substitute). They can be left untreated, finished in Clear Satin Varnish or Stained/varnished. pattern veneered grilles can not be specified as we can only source these in an oak veneer finish, we can however match the veneer in the horizontal or vertical bars, please enquire before hand for us to check availability (although metal ones are quite popular). NB; the machined edges of the boards are not veneered. Other than for an untreated cover, we would normally colour the edges as close as reasonably possible to the surface colour.

For more information on veneer options ‘click here’

Q: How is the cover delivered?


If local we may deliver it ourselves to minimise handling. Normally we use a national carrier network (tuffnell’s) to deliver on a next working day service (except remote areas). The majority of deliveries take place in the morning but the carriers have the full day to deliver within the service agreement. Unfortunately neither ourselves nor the carrier can give an estimated delivery time or time window. We pay for a 24 hour ‘signature’ service which means that (apart from remote areas) the package will arrive next day and a signature is required on delivery; this is important for various reasons but particularly regarding the possibility of damage. If the packaging shows any evidence of damage please deal with it as follows; If there is any evidence of damage to the contents or it seems likely that the contents could be damaged, refuse delivery and inform us immediately. If the damage appears to be restricted to the packaging and you are happy to accept it, please endorse the delivery note ‘packaging damaged, contents not inspected’. Please then check at your earliest convenience and if there is any evidence of transit damage to the cover advise us without delay – to make a claim on the carrier they must be advised within 24 hours.

more information of how they are packed and whats in the box ‘click here’

Q: How much is postage and packing?

Each item (either made to measure or ready made or grilles) has a packaging and delivery cost. We do not usually pass this cost on in full but charge a contribution based on the dimensions (& weight) of the cover. This is normally £10 to £25 – it will state which at the checkout but there may be surcharges for remote destinations in which case we will advise before accepting your order. Similarly there may well be a surcharge or increase in the p&p cost for sizes which exceed any of the maximum selectable dimensions on the website – again we will advise before accepting the order. There are no discounts for multiple orders as the costs we incur increase by weight/volume unless the order is big enough to warrant another form of delivery which may be cheaper.

Q: Do you deliver anywhere?


We use a number of carriers to try to get the best service in the area. There are certain areas which attract a surcharge which we will have to pass on- the more remote the higher the charge. If this is the case we will advise you first (Northern Ireland, the Highlands and Islands for instance) but reserve the right to decline an order. The Channel Isles require separate customs and delivery arrangements so we will not process an order from these destinations until the delivery cost/charge is agreed.

Q: Can you supply just the grilles to replace the ones on an existing radiator cover


Yes we carry a stock of all the grilles featured on the made-to-measure flat pack section either as a full sheet or cut to your requirements. Click on ‘Grilles’ on the home page for more information.

Q: Are Made To Measure covers good quality.


Definitely; Our covers are hand made from 18mm premium MDF and the front panels are glued and screwed together in traditional fashion. They are fully sanded and smoothed both for untreated covers and before every stage of the painting/varnishing which you may order. The 4 sections arrive flat packed and fit together easily but securely with screws through pre-drilled guides. Additional angle brackets are provided for the side panels in case of attack by runaway Hoovers. We regard our Made-to-Measure covers as pieces of furniture you would be proud to have in your home.

Q: Are Made to Measure covers easy to assemble?


Yes, just a No2 Pozidriv screwdriver is needed – but a power driver makes life easier; in either case DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS. (tip; if the sections have a slight gap between them don’t be tempted to just keep tightening – reverse the screws out, hold the sections together and re-tighten the screws). Then you will need a drill for the wall fixings;- the radiator covers use simple ‘drop-on’ brackets which are fixed to the wall but allow the cover to be easily lifted off. There is a copy of the assembly instructions in the ‘help’ section. Tip; it’s easy for us to assemble covers single-handedly because we are used to it. If you are doing one for the first time a spare pair of hands makes life much easier. 

Q: Do they fix to the wall?


The radiator covers use hidden ‘drop-on’ brackets to hold them against the wall; they could be left freestanding but it’s not recommended because a) floors/carpets are often not level so the cover probably wouldn’t stand straight anyway and b) even if it did we recommend using the brackets to avoid it toppling if knocked – especially if kids are about. If you can use a drill it’s easy to fit the brackets (check for hidden cables or pipes!). The cover just has to be lifted up a centimetre to move it away from the wall (remember that if there is a window sill or similar just above the rad ideally you need 30mm air gap, 18mm for the thickness of the top shelf then the 10mm to ‘drop’ the cover onto the brackets so ideally 58mm minimum. If you have less than that we can supply alternative brackets that don’t need the extra 10mm above. There are at least 2 with each cover – more for large ones.

Q: I think I would like to paint the cover myself – is it easy enough?


It is if you are patient and careful. It’s easier and gives a better finish if you paint the sections before assembling them and it’s worth rubbing each coat down with fine sandpaper to get the best finish.

It’s better in the long run to remove the grilles first (mark their position if not already marked) even if you plan to paint the grilles too. (A metal grille definitely needs removing first to avoid getting paint on it). Use a lightly loaded mini roller with high density foam rollers (not an emulsion roller) for the grilles – they work well on the rest of the cover too. Don’t be tempted to try and paint the inside edges of the grille pattern – not only is it hard but they look better with paint just on the surface. Its best to use 2 coats of water based mdf primer/undercoat first and ensure you rub down with fine sandpaper between coats. …………….Or you could just get us to spray paint it! – either just the primer/undercoat or also the top coat with our standard colours or your choice of colour.

Q: Its going in a hall near a door so I would like round corners on the top shelf


The Studley has round shelf corners, the New England has the corner chamfered but the Old England is normally square. We can change this to round corners if required, just put ’round corners on shelf’ in ‘additional notes & instructions”.

Q: How do I order the thermostat hatch


Either a cut-out or hatch can be ordered through the online order process. The cheapest way to access the thermo valve is a simple cut out (a hole!) which is fine if that part of the cover is hidden behind furniture or close to a wall. A hatch is a more elegant solution – have a look in the gallery section for more details, the handle on the hatch is now a choice or email or call if you forget.

Q: How do I access the valves – do the grilles open?


Made to Measure covers lift easily off the brackets which hold them to the wall so if you access the valve infrequently (and the cover isn’t particularly large) this is usually sufficient.

The Made to Measure covers can have a cut-out or hatch manufactured if you select this option in the made to measure webpage and supply the dimensions asked for this is described in “made to measure what we do….” in the help pages, this is the most popular way of accessing the valve.

Q: There’s a dado rail just above the radiator, how do we deal with that?


If it will fit underneath it that’s the best solution . If there’s not room, with a Made to Measure cover we could make it so the top shelf is higher than the dado and we could make cut outs in the back of the side panels to accommodate the dado which would ‘run through’ the rad cover. If there’s nearly enough space we could make the sides to fit just under the dado then have the top shelf butt up to it (so we would make the shelf slightly less deep). Alternative wall fixings would probably be needed which we can supply. A card template of the dado would be needed if possible or a photo to cut the sides round it.

Q: My radiator is under a window and there isn’t much space between them…


Normally you would need 58mm minimum; 30mm air gap, 18mm for top shelf thickness and 10 to use the drop-on fittings. Up to 48 and we can send alternative fittings. Less than that and we could tease the air gap down a little, There are a couple of other options too; best to ring to discuss.

Q: Its going into a hall so needs to be as narrow as possible…..


Put a note in ‘Additional notes & Instructions’ in the Made to Measure radiator cover builder and add that you need it to be that way and we will reduce the overhang etc to keep it narrower than usual. If space is critical ring to talk it through and please provide the radiator depth from the wall so we can make sure the cover will still fit when reduced.

Q: What will the external size of a Made to Measure cover be?


Take a look at the lower of the measuring guide page for more details, and in the radiator cover builder when you adjust the sliders the illustration of the radiator cover will show the external cabinet size as you adjust.

Q: The Made to Measure internal width only goes up to 2285mm, the height to 1070mm and the depth to 200mm – what if I need it bigger than that?


Yes we can make to bigger sizes but there are various factors we need to consider e.g. size of grilles available, carriage etc. Email us with style, sizes, grille choice etc and we can give you a price.

Q: Do you have standard sizes off the shelf?


All our ‘Made to Measure’ covers are made to a customers specific needs however we do offer the ‘ready made’ range some of these are pre made but we do usually manufacture these to order as we offer small alterations included in the price, we can usually dispatch these orders within a week.

Q: How long will it take to come?


Our lead times are displayed at the top of the page. It’s impossible to be totally accurate as there are so many variables and to avoid disappointment we tend to wait until an order is totally finished before contacting the customer to arrange a delivery date. If you have a deadline then by all means let us know and if we can achieve it we will, if we can’t achieve it we will let you know.