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Latest Lead Times

Our lead-time for radiator cover orders.

Untreated radiator covers:  1 week from order date.

Primer coated – satin white – natural oak clear lacquer finishes: 4 weeks from order date.

Top coat- satin black, antique white and own colour options: 5+ weeks from order date.

Ready made radiator covers:    2-3 weeks from order date

NOTE: Our lead times above are an estimate, there are a large number of factors which effect the manufacture and paint time ranging from, the design of the cover as some are more complex, the physical size of the radiator cover, and also the amount of orders we have placed with us at any particular time, the busier periods being september to february.

All our orders are placed in a queue system of date order received, we do aim to get all our orders finished as soon as physically possible, and if you are working to a specific time frame then please contact us prior to discuss the schedule to see if we can accommodate.

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Price increases!

This probably comes with no surprise but we are constantly having to adjust our prices due to the economic situation, the materials we use for manufacture has risen over the past 18 months for many reasons.

Our base material of MDF has risen in excess of 60% due to import, transportation and handling?

Our painting materials have risen due to solvent prices by 70% and are predicted to rise again due to the fuel crisis?

Our delivery cost from the courier services we use have risen weekly due to fuel costs and driver shortages? and our packaging materials, card in-particular has risen 60-70%

Our work shop rent has also risen since covid started in 2020 along with the utility bills which are now scheduled to rise significantly in April 2022?

We have tried to absorb these costs but unfortunately it is become hard and we are now going to have to increase our product prices accordingly.

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January 2022 changes at amber

Hello, we have decided to reduce some of our options on our made to measure cabinets due to the fact the options are very rarely used, we have removed our cabinet design ‘Studley’ traditional as this was very rarely selected and we have also found trouble sourcing some of the profiled materials to manufacture this design? if you are a previous customer and have had this design previously and want to order more then contact us via email with your details and we can still produce this for you if required.

The other changes we have made are to our ‘New England’ modern design, we were using a chamfered profile on the edges of the shelf and side panels but we we being asked very regular for the profile to be rounded or ‘bull nosed’ and to have rounded corners on the top shelf for safety on corridors etc so we have made the decision to make this the set design from January 2022, again if you are a previous customer and want to match an existing cabinet this is not a problem but please inform us via email regarding the change and we will do this for you.

The other change we have made is to remove the gloss white paint finish as this was again very rarely selected and was a very hard paint finish to achieve as the gloss coat showed a lot of marks and scratches and customers were not happy so we have decided to stay with satin white as this is a much better coating and wears a lot better, again if you had gloss previously we can still provide this coating but you will need to contact us via email for a quote.

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Radiator covers orders pre Christmas delivery 2021

We are closing our workshop and office on the 22nd of December 2021 and we re open on the 4th of January 2022 so we will not be contactable, please email and we will reply when possible.

We are taking orders for our made to measure radiator covers and bespoke cabinets for delivery from our fully customisable website page or you can also give us a call on 01274684000 to place an order.

Our custom made cabinets are supplied nation wide flat packed via a courier service and built to your specific needs and sizes, we can also manufacture our radiator covers to suit awkward locations in restricted areas simply send us an email with a clear photo of the location and our expert team can give details advice on how we can or can not make the cabinet fit your location.

Our lead time at the moment is around 1-2 weeks for untreated orders and 3-4 weeks for treated (painted or varnished finishes).

Our custom made cabinets are used to cover many things from central heating radiators to gas and electric meters covers and under floor heating manifold cabinets and even disused storage heaters and fire places to hide unsightly things around your home.

We can also custom paint our cabinets to suit your specific colour scheme using our paint matching service or we can use paint RAL numbers and we can also use popular paints from manufacturers like Farrow & Ball, Dulux, valspar etc again drop us an email enquiry to check we can supply your desired colour.

we also have our very popular oak veneer radiator cabinets, supplied in untreated, natural oak, medium oak, dark oak with a satin finish clear lacquer coating.

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Radiator cover grilles

Here at Amber radiator covers we supply our decorative grilles and screening panels separately for radiator cover damaged panels or any other job that needs an aperture covering, we sell these online via our website and they are mainly in stock for fast shipment nation wide in the UK (we do not ship over seas due to the fragile materials). 

We supply white faced radiator cover grilles decorative screening panels in various designs and the main material is MDF 3mm with a white face coating the inside of the fret work is Mdf and the rear is Mdf brown, the sheets come in a size of 1830mm x 610mm with a boarder on all four sides we also offer a half sheet 900mm x 610mm (a full cut into two) as this size is easier for postage and suits most openings of a radiator cabinet, this option has a boarder on three sides and a cut pattern on the last side. 

We supply oak veneer radiator cover grilles screening panels in various designs and the material is a 3mm Mdf core with a 0.5mm veneer of oak on each side the finish is untreated ready for you to varnish or stain or osmo oil to the finish of your choice, the sheets are 1800mm x 600mm with a boarder on all four sides we also offer a half sheet 900mm x 600mm (a full cut into two) as this size is easier for postage and suits most openings of a radiator cabinet, this option has a boarder on three sides and a cut pattern on the last side. 

We supply aluminium radiator cover grille screening panels  in various designs and the material is 0.05mm in thickness and the sheets come in 1000mm x 660mm approx, the designs come in a silver finish or an anodised gold finish. 

All our grilles we supply are easily cut to size to suit your openings using basic tools like a Sharpe Stanley knife or jigsaw or metal tin snips etc and can be used for air ventilation, decorative enclosures, door panels etc almost any job that needs an aperture to be filled. 

traditional design Studley radiator cover finished in antique white with a gold effect alloy grille

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Radiator cover materials information

We are asked quite frequently for specific details of the main materials we use in our manufacture processes so here we have some data sheets to explain.

The main materials used in our Radiator cover manufacture is 18mm MDF (medium density fibre) we only use the premium version of this product as this is a lighter slightly denser material which does not produce as much dust during manufacture and sanding and has a smooth solid finish for us as a base product.

This denser material structure does also give a better resistance towards distortion with heat, however any material placed near a heat source may distort slightly this is un avoidable, we have designed a cabinet structure with internal fixing methods to create a strong secure unit when assembled and we also provide internal angle brackets to keep the structure solid.

The Oak Veneer boards are 19mm, this is a 18mm MDF core with a 0.5mm laminate of oak on both sides, this comes with an ‘A’ side (good quality) and a ‘B’ side which is slightly less quality, again the B side is not usually seen, we also do not use any edging on our profiled ends or decorative edges of our boards, we profile (decorative edge) the open ends of the boards which are seen and then sand and treat the material with sealers, Our finished product profiled edges are then a very similar colour to the veneer and provide a smooth decorative profile.

oak veneer boards are a natural wood product and the shade and grain does vary, we do try our best to match the shade and grain for each cabinet however some times this can not be achieved. 

We often get asked why we do not use solid wood material, mainly oak?  we do not use  solid wood material’s like oak as there structure is more prone to distortion with heat and can also cup or crack,  we have used our oak veneered boards for a long time and these real wood problems do not occur with veneered boards. .

Our grille materials vary widely, the pattern white grilles are produced from 3mm MDF sheets and the pattern is pressed out this leaves a satin white faced, the rear of the boards are bare MDF and also in the open fret work.

The horizontal or vertical bar designs are manufactured from 9mm MDF and 6mm oak veneer, we use these larger materials than most manufacturers to avoid the slatts from distortion with heat however again this is unavoidable but the denser material does show good resistance.

The Alloy grilles are 0.3mm in thickness and are again pressed out patterns, this leaves a good side ‘A’ side and a slightly rough side due to the pressing process leaving a ‘B’ side, the B side is usually not facing into a room and will not be noticed.

The Oak Veneer grilles are 4mm, this is a 3mm MDF core with a 0.5mm oak veneer on both sides, again these have an ‘A’ & ‘B’ side due to the pressing process.

Medite Premier Data Sheet

We also use premium MDF Laminate boards for our Wood Veneer radiator covers also in 18mm the data sheet explains the main points of this material.

Medite veneer Data Sheet

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Regency brass radiator cover grilles

We do offer a range of regency brass grille options which can be applied to one of our made to measure radiator covers or we also supply these separately for your own projects.

The option is not available on our website made to measure section at this time but we are working on this, iff you would like a radiator cabinet with a regency brass grille you will need to contact us direct via email [email protected] and we can provide a quotation and manufacture time scale, it is advised you take a look at the radiator cabinet specification we offer before contacting us and also get your radiator sizes as this information will be needed to provide a quote.

The regency grilles come in a number of options:

there are 3 sizes of diamond: 25mm 41mm & 54mm

there are 3 choices of backing mesh: no mesh – fine mesh – large mesh

there are 4 choices of rosette: no rosette (rivet only) – plain – floral rosette – honey Combe – Oxford & the rosettes can be on every joint (all rosette) or every second joint (alternate rosette)

there are finishes of: brass polished and lacquered – chrome – nickel plated – pewter – antique brass – satin chrome plated

54mm diamond with fine backing mesh and all floral rosette finished in brass polished and lacquered (the photo is quite dark and not an exact representation, illustration purposes only)
54mm diamond finished in antique brass with a fine backing mesh and floral rosette
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Amber Radiator covers deliveries

We use various delivery companies to try and keep the cost competitive on all our deliveries.

Most delivery companies are experiencing huge volumes of work due to the country wide lockdown is forcing huge amounts of online ordering of items via courier companies and they are all finding it difficult to to keep there promise of next day service on some items in certain area’s.

The extra demand on the courier service has also proving to give a higher percentage of damaged deliveries, please contact us asap if your item arrives damaged and if possible please sign for the package as damaged or refuse the delivery if it is badly damaged on the packaging.

We do apologies if your order from us does not arrive next day as stated on our website, this is totally out of our control, the courier service will try to get your order delivered as soon as physically possible for them.

Regards the amber team.

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Oak Radiator Covers

Our oak radiator covers are manufactured from oak veneer material, We use the Oak material to manufacture our bespoke radiator cabinets in our modern classic and traditional design made to measure cabinets with a large choice of oak grille decorative screening panels for the front openings.

The Oak material we use is a 19mm American white oak veneer board with a solid MDF core, we supply this in untreated oak, natural oak with clear lacquer or medium and dark oak stain with clear satin lacquer, this is the only option in the radiator cover builder, however we can also supply pine veneer & Beach veneer however these are not very popular options but are available, please use the contact us page for more information at the footer bottom of any page.

NOTE:-  the machined edges of the veneer boards are not veneered as the edges of our radiator cover parts have profiled edges, we leave them MDF core and we use a sealing agent to make the edges smooth and they are coloured the same as the oak veneer.

The untreated oak veneer finishes, the edges of the board will be profiled and sanded ready for you to varnish stain oil etc and finish the cabinet to your desired shade, the stained options we offer we colour the edges as close as reasonably possible to the surface colour and then seal and apply clear lacquer to all the surfaces to provide a satin smooth flat finish, if you need more information or samples then please contact us, link at the bottom of the page.

the three stains of oak veneer we offer in our made to measure section are as per picture, 99% of our orders are natural oak as the medium and dark oak tend to be quite a dark finish.

This is an illustration of the stains ranging from dark oak, medium oak and natural oak, please note it is hard to photograph a true likeness to these, to be sure ask us to post out samples if needed.

We can also stain the oak board to suit many shades of mahogany, teak, jacobean colours and various other stain colours, you would need to contact us for this option and we can send out samples for you to approve.

Pattern oak veneered grilles can only be sourced in the oak veneer finish, these can be added to any radiator cover order or they are sold separately on our website for your own projects please take a look in our shop, we can also supply the horizontal or vertical bars in oak, pine and beech although alloy pattern grilles are very popular on the veneer finished cabinets.