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Radiator cover materials information

We are asked quite frequently for specific details of the main materials we use in our manufacture processes so here we have some data sheets to explain.

The main materials used in our Radiator cover manufacture is 18mm MDF (medium density fibre) we only use the premium version of this product as this is a lighter slightly denser material which does not produce as much dust during manufacture and sanding and has a smooth solid finish for us as a base product.

This denser material structure does also give a better resistance towards distortion with heat, however any material placed near a heat source may distort slightly this is un avoidable, we have designed a cabinet structure with internal fixing methods to create a strong secure unit when assembled and we also provide internal angle brackets to keep the structure solid.

The Oak Veneer boards are 19mm, this is a 18mm MDF core with a 0.5mm laminate of oak on both sides, this comes with an ‘A’ side (good quality) and a ‘B’ side which is slightly less quality, again the B side is not usually seen, we also do not use any edging on our profiled ends or decorative edges of our boards, we profile (decorative edge) the open ends of the boards which are seen and then sand and treat the material with sealers, Our finished product profiled edges are then a very similar colour to the veneer and provide a smooth decorative profile.

We often get asked why we do not use solid wood material, mainly oak?  we do not use  solid wood material’s like oak as there structure is more prone to distortion with heat and can also cup or crack,  we have used our oak veneered boards for a long time and these real wood problems do not occur with veneered boards. .

Our grille materials vary widely, the pattern white grilles are produced from 3mm MDF sheets and the pattern is pressed out this leaves a satin white faced, the rear of the boards are bare MDF and also in the open fret work.

The horizontal or vertical bar designs are manufactured from 9mm MDF and 6mm oak veneer, we use these larger materials than most manufacturers to avoid the slatts from distortion with heat however again this is unavoidable but the denser material does show good resistance.

The Alloy grilles are 0.3mm in thickness and are again pressed out patterns, this leaves a good side ‘A’ side and a slightly rough side due to the pressing process leaving a ‘B’ side, the B side is usually not facing into a room and will not be noticed.

The Oak Veneer grilles are 4mm, this is a 3mm MDF core with a 0.5mm oak veneer on both sides, again these have an ‘A’ & ‘B’ side due to the pressing process.

Medite Premier Data Sheet

We also use premium MDF Laminate boards for our Wood Veneer radiator covers also in 18mm the data sheet explains the main points of this material.

Medite veneer Data Sheet

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Storage heater cover finished in satin white

Here is a storage heater cover we installed locally at Brambly Hedge nursery in Castleford, the cover replaced an existing mesh metal cover and we manufactured the cover with a removable top shelf to gain access to the controls and the mains isolation switch, as you can see the decorative small aperture holed grille on the front panel allows for ventilation but children can not get fingers in the holes.

If you need child care in the Castleford oe Wakefield area take a look at the website

storage heater cover with removable top shelf radiator cover on a storage heater finished in satin white radiator cabinet used over a storage heater for child safety feature radiator cabinet on a storage heater with a vented top shelf which is removable

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Radiator Covers finished in Farrow & Ball colours

We finish our radiator covers in many of Farrow & Ball colours for our customers in genuine paints amongst many other manufactures to add a finishing touch to your radiator cover, weather you want to match your wall colour or for your radiator cover to stand out from the back ground with a specific colour or shade.

The ‘own colour’ is only available on our made to measure range simply select own colour and leave a message with the order with the colour, manufacturer and code if applicable.

You can also choose one of our Board grille pattern designs or our new Bancroft bar grille design mounted vertically or horizontally for the front panel and we will also paint this the same colour or you can choose from the alloy grille selections in silver or gold anodised, we can also add the regency brass hand made grilles for you.


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R P Tyson Construction LTD

We recently completed a large order of 43 radiator covers flat packed for a large project they have constructed at 76-80 St Andrews Road, St Anne’s, lancashire, very close to the coast and main town, the radiator covers were installed to finish off the look of the many rooms.[clear]

R P Tyson Construction Ltd

1 Mitcham Road
Tel: 01253 696800
Fax: 01253 696801
Email: [email protected]

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Roseville Day Nursery Storage Heater

We installed this storage heater cover in Harrogate yorkshire recently, we had previously installed other storage heater covers at roseville however the new room for the very small children was almost finished and the heater needed covering for safety.

We manufactured this with a removable top shelf for access to the controls and we made the radiator cover a lot bigger than the heater to allow the heat to escape heater cover in a day nursery safety radiator cover fitted in a day nursery in harrogate west yorkshire

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Murray Hurst Interiors

Murray Hurst interiors is a local interior design company based in leeds, west yorkshire who we have worked with over the years.

We Have supplied radiator cabinets of all descriptions with many of Natalie’s companies interior projects over the years.

Please feel free to take a look at there web site Murray Hurst Interiors or contact them direct for there services.