Radiator Cover New England design in light oak veneer


New England Oak with a G5AS oriental grille in silver

This is a picture one of our customers sent in of our New England ‘modern’ design with a G5AS grille, the popular oak finish or light/ natural oak works well in the veneer as the oak is almost the same colour as the MDF board that it is veneered to, This enables us to simply sand and varnish these with no stain and the end product looks like solid oak, we have been asked many times why we don’t use solid oak and the answer is that solid oak is firstly wood and contains moist even when it has been kiln dried it still contains a small moisture content and when placed over a radiator will eventually warp and cup and even split and crack which may look very rustic however most people want there furniture to remain square and straight which is why we use a premium density MDF with a real wood veneer coat which will not warp and will always remain the same shape.

Build an Oak Radiator Cover

Bancroft grille horizontal slatted

Bancroft grille vertical slatted

G6OAK small diamond

G1OAK large cross