Radiator Cover New England design in light oak

This is one of our customers, Mrs Witney from Kents New England “modern” design oak veneer with clear satin varnish and a G5AS silver grille with extra cut outs for laminate floor beads and a cable trunking above the skirting on the right hand side, we sent a sample out to  try and match the customers floor colour before manufacture, our customer was very happy with the finished product and was very kind enough to contact us with this picture and some kind words when installed to compliment our staff on the quality and the finish.

We also have a selection of oak grilles (below) which are now options in the Radiator Covers section where you can build your made to measure radiator cabinet to your exact specification.

Build an Oak Radiator Cover

Bancroft grille horizontal slatted

Bancroft grille vertical slatted

G6OAK small diamond

G1OAK large cross