Radiator Cover Studley design finished in medium oak

Studley design stained and lacquered in medium Oak with a Brass grille with floral rosette

Close shot of the Studley decorative lower rail

A close shot of the centre top bar showing the air vents for the warm air to enter the room

Studley decorative top shelf profile

A close shot of the decorative lower rail and the lower cold air intake

This is a Studley ‘traditional’ design manufactured from Oak veneer board finished in medium oak stain with a clear satin lacquer coat to finish, it also has a 54mm brass grille alternate floral rosette with large backing mesh. You can see from the various close up shots the detail of the veneer and the features of the Studley range, the rounded shelf corners with the decorative route and the lower skirt rail also with decorative route.

the main difference from the MDF finish Studley to the Oak Veneer is the lower decorative rail, the veneer version is the same lower rail profile as the top shelf profile where as the MDF version has a torus profile lower rail, both of which look very effective but there is a slight change.  Build an Oak Radiator Cover