Real wood oak veneer radiator covers

These are some radiator covers we installed locally in a new built house in Wilsden Bradford, they are in our New England modern design finished in natural oak with clear satin varnish, the grilles are horizontally mounted bar design.

One of the covers was used to hide an under floor heating system manifold pipe works, the unsightly equipment was covered and with the use of our ‘drop on bracket’ system the cover is simply lifted 10mm to remove from the wall fixings to allow access to the radiator or in this case pipe works and electrics, we have manufactured our covers in the past to cover many things from electricity fuse boards and gas/electricity meters.heating manifold under floor covers oak real wood veneer heating manifold cover oak veneer radiator cover rhode island style oak veneer under floor heating manifold cover radiator cabinet modern rhode island under floor heating manifold cover under floor heating manifold radiator cover