Studley Traditional design

These pictures are in our work shop, the radiator cabinet is our Traditional ‘Studley’ design finished in satin white with a hand made brass grille, the brass grille is a 54mm diamond with alternate floral rosette and fine backing mesh, we have a vast range of grilles available which can be selected on any of our radiator cabinet designs ranging from white pattern grilles, horizontal or vertical bar designs and gold and silver pattern alloy grilles and as below a wide variety of solid brass grilles, these can vary in diamond sizes 25mm, 41mm, 54mm the rosettes vary from no rosette, plain, honey comb, floral, oxford and the backing mesh choices of no mesh, fine mesh and large mesh, there is also a choice of finishes from standard brass to pewter, nickel, satin-polished chrome and antique brass.

The key features of the ‘Studley’ design is the decorative edge on the top shelf and the decorative lower rail across the front panel at low level just above the two bottom air vents, the decorative lower rail is the main difference on this design to our Old England design and this provides a more traditional feature to the cabinet.