How to order ?

Here is a rough guide how to order a radiator cover if you are not sure or what you need to know ?

Radiator covers are quite simply a box !  and to begin you will need to know what size box you need ? the inside of the box will need to be slightly larger than your radiator on all sides as not to hold in the heat, the extra space allows the hot air to rise or convect up and into your room as normal.

we have a very detailed measuring guide for all the sizes needed and the best way to do this is with a tape measure and a note pad and possibly another person to help and also check your measurements.

when you have your sizes of width height and depth you can then decide if our ready made radiator covers will fit or if you need a more bespoke made to measure radiator cover.

Ready made radiator covers

are as described and in set sizes, there is a variety of finishes and grille patterns for the front openings, these radiator covers are manufactured by us using the same process as the made to measure covers and are the same quality.

Made to Measure radiator covers

This section has a large amount of choices for people who are looking for a specific look or colour or grille design and these can be made to an exact size, there is also options for your skirting board cut out and if you require access to a thermostat valve or if you need extra cutouts for pipes or laminate floor beads etc.

The radiator covers are made up in sections: there is the main carcass which has the front panel with the openings for the grilles and then there are the two side panels “B” & “C” and the top shelf “D”. all of these section fix together very easily using predrilled holes and screws and guides to hold things in place when errecting.

radiator cover sections

The main carcass (in brown in picture above)

can be manufactured in different designs and these designs have features, the features make the look of the radiator cover from a modern square cornered look to the classic curved feet/air vent look and the edges of the materials have a profile which also finishes the the design feature, please take a look through our gallery for more ideas.

The main carcass can be finished in various options of untreated (as above) or primer coated or fully painted in our colour or even a colour of your choice, we also offer veneer wood options.

The Grille

The grille panels vary depending on the width of the cover and range from one panel on a small cover and up to 4 or 5 on larger covers?  the grille panels can be chosen in many designs from pattern designs to the new modern bar design and also in aluminium pattern designs we also offer a vast range of solid brass grilles with various finishes from chrome to nickel and even pewter this all depends upon your choice.

Our website ordering system is quite simple however if you are having difficulties please give us a call and we will try our best to help you.