Radiator Covers Made To Measure

Our  speciality  is  made  to  measure  Radiator  Covers

We hand build all of our made to measure & Ready Made Radiator covers from raw materials which enables us to build them with a personal touch.

We can manufacture things which are not possible by the mass produced ready made or machine manufactured radiator covers which are all over the market place and internet these days.

One of the main advantages of an Amber radiator cover is the variations, you can choose from various Designs of the cabinet and a huge range of Grille screening panels for the front of the cabinet and a wide standard selection of colours or even colour match service if you can supply the colour code or RAL number.

We also have a real wood veneer selections in oak, mahogany, pine, and beach etc, not all of these options are available on the made to measure webpage however the price’s are the same for all veneers , so we only have the popular selections, please contact for more information.

We can also make cut outs for your skirting board and also many other dado or floor bead cutouts and even custom made access to radiator thermostat valves as a standard order.

You can be sure with Amber radiator covers that you will receive all the customer support and our devoted attention to the details you require on your piece of furniture from start to finish.

we can manufacture our radiator covers to most dimensions up to maximum of 2.3 metres wide and up to 1.06 metres high and even up to 20cm deep on our radiator cover builder as standard, We can also manufacture to larger sizes than this however you will need to contact us to arrange this and for wider than 2.3 metres they may need to be collected from our unit or delivered by us personally as most courier services will not carry large heavy items, The deeper and higher covers tend to be for the old cast iron radiators or even storage heaters and even to cover pipe manifolds for heating systems etc.

If you think your radiator is in a restricted or in an encroached position:

we can possibly help? if you can provide a picture of the area showing the restriction along with some dimensions we can usually let you know quite quickly if the cover can be made to fit.

We have manufactured radiator covers to fit in many awkward scenarios with some simple measurements via a photo or picture in email or the post.

If you are in a situation where  there are obstructions i.e. window cills above, walls to the left or right or both then give us a call or an email a photo or drawing to: sales@amberradiatorcovers.co.uk and we will be happy to help, Please telephone for further advice if required on 01274684000 monday to friday 9:00am-4:00pm. If your restriction is easily managed then please let us know via the contact us page or email or phone there is also an option for additional notes in the check out stage and we will be happy to help.

All our Radiator Covers are ‘hand made’ in our work shop using skilled labour not from a machine process, we are a small family run business and pride our selves on attention to detail, we have many years of experience in this field and we are extremely proud of our finished products.

Radiator Cover Builder

You can enter the Radiator Cover builder pages and have a play around with the functions there is no sign up procedure and its totally free to take a look so give it a try.

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