Internal Sizes & converter mm’s to inches

All our measurements are in millimetres (mm) however there is a converter at the bottom of this page giving an approximate equivalent in inches. For greater accuracy please refer to metric measurements! or give us a call or email ‘sales’

Our range of sizes indicate the finished internal measurements of the radiator cabinet, this is the radiator plus additional air space, if you need more information on the internal size there is a picture below showing the radiator with extra air space and the internal sizes. The external sizes will be larger due to the thickness of our materials used, 18mm premium MDF, the external or finished sizes are the internal sizes plus the extras below:-

  1. Extra 80mm (8cm) on the internal width for finished shelf width
  2. Extra 50mm (5cm) on the height
  3. Extra 50mm (5cm) on the depth for the carcass!
  4. extra 65mm (6.5cm) for the actual depth to the finished top shelf depth

Radiator clearances
We recommend that the extra ‘air space’ to add to the radiator size measurements to ensure ” good air flow” and to make sure they fit without being too tight! our radiator cover builder will automatically add these dimensions when you enter your radiator sizes?

we recommend  a minimum of: 40mm (4cm) extra on the width/length and 30mm (3cm) extra on the height and a minimum of 20mm (2cm) on the depth measurement.

Please also check that there are no obstructions i.e. window cills above, walls to the left or right or both and there is sufficient clearance for doors to open as well as ease of movement around the cabinet, if you do have any restrictions please let us know via the “Additional notes & instructions” box in the made to measure process and let us know and we will help. Please telephone for further advice if required on 01274684000 monday to friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

Design Tip – If your radiator is poorly positioned, you can always order a greater width than you actually need in order to bring symmetry and balance to your room

These are mm’s to inches in 6″ segments as an aid to working out your size approximately.

610mm = 24″

760mm = 30″

915m = 36″

1065mm = 42″

1220mm = 48″

1370mm = 54″

1525mm = 60″

1675mm = 66″

1830mm = 72″

1980mm = 78″

2135mm = 84″

2285mm = 90″