Radiator Cover Finishes

Our new coating system gives us the chance to supply your made to measure radiator cover in a variety of top quality finishes.

The main radiator cover finishes we supply are white cream black in a variety of satin and gloss, we also supply Oak wood veneer radiator covers these can be clear lacquered natural or stained the lacquered this is also available in satin finish via our website page to purchase online for delivery nation wide flat packed.

Our MDF finishes are as follows

Untreated:   This is Bare Premium Medium Density Fibre Board 18mm thick we hand sand all the internal sides from 80 grit to 180 grit sand paper to seal the MDF fibres, this will absorb a lot of paint on the first coat or MDF sealant and will require a sand between coats with 320 grit or upwards for a smooth flat finish.

Primer coated:  This is prepared as untreated and then we apply a primer sealer filler coat and when dry sand with 320 to 400 grit to acheive a smooth flat finish on all sides, then we re apply a second coat to show any imperfections and if required a sand and a third coat is applied, this finish is a matt white and is mostly acceptable as a finish coat in most cases.

Top coat:

This is a finish coat which is applied after the primer process is finished and can be in one of our standard colours which are:-

satin white This is a 25% sheen paint with a waxy feel additive

Gloss white This is a 50% sheen which is almost a high gloss.

Antique white This is our cream standard colour (Gardenia 10B15) this is also a satin finish, if this is chosen with a pattern MDF grille will paint the grille antique white also.

Satin black This is also 25% sheen, very popular with the Modern ‘New England’ Design with the silver or gold anodised grille selections, this is also available with a pattern MDF grille design and we will also coat the grille in satin black.

Own Colour:

We can add a top coat of your choice and finish, there are literally a million shades of paint but if you can provide us with a manufacturer name and colour or most paints have a code reference and we can colour match this for our paint system, if you could also let us know the finish of satin or gloss.

Please note our paint supplier will mix the paint to the information provided and to as close a match as possible, the paint we use is not a water based paint and is a flat smooth finish from our equipment ?

note: when choosing own colour we will have to make an order for the paint which can delay the painting process by up to 1 week in busy times !

Veneer Finishes:-

We can supply radiator covers in natural oak veneered board, this is generally an American white oak material with and MDF core structure 19mm in thickness.

Please Note: we do not use any form of edgings (plastic iron on or edge banding) with our veneer products we simple sand the profiled edges to 180 grit then apply our coatings this leaves the edges without a grain but a very good match to the veneer material or we stain the bare edges to match any stained finishes, we have used this method for a long time and this gives a good result, if you are planning on getting the material untreated and using your own products then please request a sample prior to order to test your coating system will be adequate for your finish.

Untreated: Again this is natural Oak veneered MDF, and if this choice is selected we will manufacture your radiator cover with all profiled and veneered edges hand sanded to 180 grit sand paper ready for you to stain or seal with a varnish/danish oil etc.

Clear Satin Varnish: This a lacquer finish 25% sheen which we apply a coat to natural veneer to seal the MDF and wood finish with a hand sand applied up to 400 grit sand paper in-between each coat until the finish is satisfactory, again the edges of the boards are not edged they are simply coloured to match the rest of the board.

Stained and varnish We have a few options for stains of medium and dark oak which are our basic colours we use, we can offer other stains if needed please contact us and we can post out a particular colour/stain for you to approve before we manufacture or you could post in a sample of what we aim to match if possible.

Please Note:- 

We cannot guarantee any shade or grain as the materials are real wood veneers and grains & patterns & shades do vary from piece to piece, but we will try our best.

If you require multiple covers please order these together if possible and we will match the shade and grain to the best of our ability we will not be able to match previously supplied radiator covers.