Radiator Cover Grilles and Screening Panels


Our Radiator cover grilles and Decorative screening panels have many uses other than on the front of radiator covers.

radiator cover grilles decorative screening panels

View our range of styles and designs:

The main use is for our radiator covers and with styles ranging from very modern to very traditional there is always an option you will like, weather you want white or aluminium silver or gold, or if you want a particular design not on our website or if you see one in our galley sections that you like then please ask as we can source most designs colours and finishes in most materials.

We have supplied grilles for the purposes of cupboard doors, shelving fronts, bedroom doors, bathroom airing cupboards etc etc, they will basically go behind any opening or aperture that you would like to be decorative.

we can cut these to size for you or supply a piece for you to cut on site or home or nursery or nursing home.

Replacements or changing grilles on radiator covers

All our radiator covers have grilles/screening panels that secured from the rear with posidrive screws so they can be replaced if they are damaged or if you simply want to change the look of your radiator cover or when you decorate, we will have a record of the sizes you will need for a replacement if you are a existing customer, however if you are not an existing customer don’t worry we can help over the phone , If have the sizes you require we can cut them for you, note: remember to allow extra measurement on all sides to allow for fixing the grilles and aligning up the pattern.

hand made brass, Antique Brass and chrome

we can also supply hand made brass or chrome lacquered with floral rosettes in may variations and sizes please take a look in the gallery brass grille section for pictures and more , we don’t have these as an option on our made to measure radiator covers at the moment on our we site but we are working on this!! if you do need any more information or a price then please contact us by telephone 01274684000 monday to friday 8:30-4:30 or email:  sales@amberradiatorcovers