Information on the materials we use for manufacture

Information on all our main materials

Our main material is premium MDF 18mm thick which provides a high quality finish and is very strong and robust, this premium MDF is also very good with heat and does not warp or split and is also lighter than most materials to make your radiator cover easily liftable for cleaning and maintenance of your radiator.

Medite Premier Data Sheet

Veneer Material

We also use Laminated woods for our veneer radiator covers, this is also based on a premium MDF material board with a wood laminated to the front and back surfaces, the laminate boards are classed as A & B sided, this means the A side is the best quality and the B side will be a lesser quality as in most cases this is never seen,

*please note the veneer is a real wood material and can vary widely from sheet to sheet in grain and shade, there is no control over this process, if you require multiple covers on the same order we will match to the best of our ability all of your order.

Medite veneer Data Sheet


grilles/ screening panels

Our Grilles / screening panels are also HDF 3mm thick (high density fibre board) for a stronger feel and are also hard to break, and our aluminium grilles/screening panels are 0.8mm thick and very light and strong and will not corrode and simply wipe them with a damp cloth for maintenance.

All our grilles/screening panels are secured from the rear with posidrive screws so they can be replaced if they are damaged or if you simply want to change the look of your radiator cover when you decorate etc.

All our radiator covers are ‘Hand Made’ and are to the highest quality, Our “screwed and glued” policy on all the joints of the front panel for a solid feel and this also lowers the chance of them being damaged in transit, we also strap and staple our larger radiator covers as well as screwing and gluing them to reduce the risk of breaking while in transit and also while assembling these larger radiator covers.

Coating System

We use Morrells coating systems for all our paint, these are the latest in low odour and robust high quality finish paint specifically designed for wood finishing, we always use two if not three primer filler coats to ‘seal’ the fibres of the mdf and fill any minor imperfections in the material with a hand sand in-between every coat.

We can supply our covers in almost any colour from any manufacturer including the new Farrow & Ball, Dulux Crown ranges and most other shade selections, these colours will be an extra cost for the paint order, or the alternative would be to get a primer coat finish and you finish the final coat to your colour using gloss paints or emulsions.

safety features

We have designed all our radiator covers to have some kind of rounded or cross cut edges on all protruding surfaces to eliminate any sharp edges from young or the elderly to bang or catch them selves on, the ‘old england’ design comes with square corners as a standard design feature however if you have concerns leave us a message and we can round these if necessary.

Old England Square shelf

Rounded shelf corner

All our radiator covers have internal wall brackets as a safety feature to stop the radiator covers from falling forwards when mischievous toddlers are around or the hoover attacks the radiator cover. These brackets can be fixed to masonry or plaster board walls they don’t need to be 100% accurate or fixed hard enough to swing on them, just enough to hold the covers upright.