Radiator Heat Keepers

They are inexpensive and easy to fit DIY silver metalized panels that slot behind central heating radiators providing a fixed and permanent energy and carbon saving feature for your home.

There is no need to remove the radiator for installation they simply slide behind.

The heat keeper sheets @ 58cm (23″) high x 45cm (17 3/4″) wide, The coil of self-adhesive tape (25metre, enough to secure the up to 7 sheets) and fitting instructions.The packs can be sold separately or they can be added to a radiator cover order, they are subject to a packing and delivery charge of £10 when sold separate.

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We also offer a cleaning brush and larger packs available for trade customers please contact us for more information.convection-diagram-eng   panel-behind-rad

Heat Keeper Reflector panels work in three ways to save you energy and improve room comfort:

 Amber heat keeper how-the-panels-work2No 1:- The panels reflect heat back into the radiator so water returns hotter to the boiler which there fore fires up less often, so saving heating costs.

Amber heat keeper how-the-panels-work1No 2:- The scientifically designed profiles trap insulating pockets of air between the radiator and the wall.

Amber heat keer how-the-panels-work-3No 3:- The profiles also stimulate convection currents which improve heat circulation and help eliminate cold air spots in the room.

trials carried out by independent experts show that you can save as much as 20% of the money you spend on heating your home when using heat keeper panels.
 You Tube installation Video  

Heat keeper reflector panels are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and accredited by Ofgem.

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