Radiator Valves ?

All radiators have some form of a valve at the entrance and exit of the radiator to allow the radiator to be isolated for removal and maintenance !

The majority of radiator valves do not need to have repeated accessibility and are not very pleasing on the eye so we manufacture our radiator covers to encase the valves, this does not effect the maintenance as our radiator covers are not permanently fixed to the wall and can be removed very easily by lifting them from the internal wall brackets for access !

Some radiators have a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) which is used to monitor the room temperature and adjust the amount of heat allowed to the radiator accordingly, these valves do require some frequent access.

We still believe that encasing the thermostatic valve controller inside the radiator cover is more aesthetic and does not render the thermo valve inoperative, you may need to slightly adjust the setting to accommodate but the same basic principle of monitoring is not altered, the cold air is still drawn from floor level upwards over the thermo valve and allows monitoring of the room temperature.

To allow access to adjust the thermo valve we can manufacture an access opening in the side panel of the radiator cover, we have two options of this:-

hatch diagramCut-out-

we can manufacture the access on either side of the radiator cover and we will need two basic measurements, the height from the floor to the top of the thermo valve and a depth from the wall to the furthest point forwards as per diagrams, all of this can be ordered in our radiator covers made to measure range.