Skirting board cutout ?

When installing a radiator cover there is a high chance you will have a skirting board running behind your radiator !

Our radiator covers are design with being easily removed for cleaning so they are not directly fixed to the wall permanent rather they use an hidden bracket to hold them to the wall but they can be easily be removed by simply lifted slightly off the brackets to remove the radiator cover, so we would not advise trying to make the skirting board cut out too tight or to try and cut away your skirting board to accommodate the radiator cover.

The skirting board cutout is not a major problem as we can do a ‘standard’ cut out with some basic measurements of height from the floor to the top of the skirting board  note: if you are measuring from a carpet then push the tape measure into the carpet as the weight of the radiator cover will eventually sink into the pile !!

skirting height

You will also need a depth from the wall  note; this can be made easier by holding a rigid book upright on the floor and butt up to the skirting board, then you can measure the space above the skirting board to see the depth
 skirting depth


The skirting board cut out works best with a vertical upright cut at the maximum depth with a rounded top corner at the desired height to return the cut back to the wall, leaving a slight over measure is recommended as most skirting boards or walls etc are not totally level or plumb ! as you can see in the picture below the skirting is not total vertical as the cut touches at the bottom but then tails inwards towards the top and the rounded top curve works well with a slight spare room

Skirt Diagram

we also don’t advise we try to profile cut your skirting board cutout from a sample etc this does not seem to work very well as most skirting are not level and do bend and warp and some times differ from left to right, if you would like the skirting cut to profile your installed skirting we advise you get a local carpenter to do this in situ to get this more accurate !!