using our radiator cover builder

How  to  plan  and  build  your  radiator  cover  and  get  a  quotation.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to choose all the options for your radiator cover and to enter the correct size details, we’ve built our Radiator Cover Builder, which we hope will make it really simple and quick for you to plan out your radiator covers, the builder is located in the ‘Radiator Covers’ section.

You will need to do some basic measuring of your radiator starting with the Width then the height and then the depth, these measurements will need to be in millimetres to enter into the radiator cover builder, there is a guide to convert your sizes from inches approximately to millimetres  click to view

The  options  available  in  the  Radiator  Cover  Builder  are

– just keep an eye out for the help icon  ?  in the radiator cover builder and it will give an explanation with diagram or picture.

Design  you will need to choose a ‘design’ from our three options for  examples of these including pictures can be found in the ‘designs’ section.

Size You will then have to enter your measurements of ‘width’ including the valves on both sides then the ‘height’ from the floor to the top of your radiator and then the ‘depth’ from the wall to the front by using the sliding bars.

Material We only build our Radiator Cabinets out of premium MDF we have two options of 18mm MDF or Veneered MDF 19mm (real wood veneer), which ever of the two options you choose there is further options in both section for the colour and finish.

Grille/screening panel There are a wide variety of grille choices and some are specific to other factors, By choosing a grille choice there will then be a drop down with the various patterns to choose from, you can change your decision if needed.

Options These are Extras you can add to your radiator cover, there are two options-

  • skirting board cut out- if you want us to make a simple cut out for the skirting follow the instructions and enter the sizes
  • Thermo cutout- if you have an adjustable thermo valve on your radiator and you think you need access then follow the instructions and enter the sizes requested.

When you are happy with all the information and the price simply click add to basket, this will store the details for you in your basket.

There is at all times a ‘text box’ (picture left) labelled ‘additional notes & instructions’ you can enter an specific details you think we need or instructions you would like us to carry out for you in here.

You can hover over the ‘help icon’ (picture left) this will bring up a popup box with instructions and illustrations to help you at any stage.

 To finish your purchase simply click the + sign at the top right of the page of your basket to check details at any time and when you have finished shopping press the + sign and click check out on the drop down and simply check the details enter your information and we will confirm information via email with you.Radiator Cover Builder
Our radiator cover default option is floor standing, however we can manufacture our radiator cover to be suspended off the floor please contact us or leave a note with your order.

There’s no obligation to buy or sign up to an account to use our radiator cover builder, so why not try the Builder out and build your bespoke radiator cover and get a price as you add your options. Once you’ve chosen your options you’ll be able to see the complete price for your radiator cover.