Old England, Classic

The picture to the left is one of our customers Old England ‘classic’ with a G1WB large cross board grille.

The pictures below are our Old England design radiator cover which is our demonstration model, we keep a selection of various models in our office for people to come and view the styles, materials and see the quality products we produce.

The cover in the picture below has two separate grille designs on, the left side is a G1WB large cross satin white grille and the right is a G2as aluminium large clover design, you can have any of our grille selections including the wooden grilles (Board MDF) and the aluminium choices silver or gold, you can also have the hand made brass grilles (these are not an option in the radiator cover builder at the moment, however we are working on this option)

The Old England is a classic design with curved feet and top vents to allow the cold air to enter lower down and the hot air to rise from the top vents (these can be seen in the picture below circled in red), the left and right hand vertical side panels have rounded edges as a safety feature with no sharp corners and the shelf has a half round route with a decorative edge.

More examples of these designs can be seen in our ‘gallery’ section.   Build An Old England Radiator cover

The shelf comes with square corners as standard (pictured below) however if you would like to change this to rounded then please place a note in the ‘additional notes & instructions’ box in the radiator cover builder pages to let us know, the last picture shows a partial thermostat hatch with the hatch removed with a brass handle.

Old England shelf corner square

Thermostat Hatch access panel removed

radiator cover old england