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January 2022 changes at amber

Hello, we have decided to reduce some of our options on our made to measure cabinets due to the fact the options are very rarely used, we have removed our cabinet design ‘Studley’ traditional as this was very rarely selected and we have also found trouble sourcing some of the profiled materials to manufacture this design? if you are a previous customer and have had this design previously and want to order more then contact us via email with your details and we can still produce this for you if required.

The other changes we have made are to our ‘New England’ modern design, we were using a chamfered profile on the edges of the shelf and side panels but we we being asked very regular for the profile to be rounded or ‘bull nosed’ and to have rounded corners on the top shelf for safety on corridors etc so we have made the decision to make this the set design from January 2022, again if you are a previous customer and want to match an existing cabinet this is not a problem but please inform us via email regarding the change and we will do this for you.

The other change we have made is to remove the gloss white paint finish as this was again very rarely selected and was a very hard paint finish to achieve as the gloss coat showed a lot of marks and scratches and customers were not happy so we have decided to stay with satin white as this is a much better coating and wears a lot better, again if you had gloss previously we can still provide this coating but you will need to contact us via email for a quote.