Here at Amber radiator covers we do not sell or give away any details provided by our customers. If you place an order with us we encrypt all of your information so only we can view the information. We don’t share email addresses or contact numbers or any address information with third parties, and these details are stored in a secure area for our purposes only.

Stored Information

  • If you’re just browsing at our website, or trying the radiator cover builder or viewing our information pages, we don’t have any information about you at all.
  •  If you wish to follow a purchase through the only details we have access to is your address and contact details and your order details, and payment information is on our card payment’s web site, paypal, which is one of the securest ways to transfer funds.
  • credit card information is held on your computer only while you get your order ready to send and then When you confirm your order the details are forwarded to PayPal’s secure and encrypted internet site.
  • We also use  a deferred payment method, so the funds will not be deducted from your account until we have manufactured your order so amendments can be made after the order is placed.

If you want to place an order, we will need to know your full name, address and telephone number and if possible an email address to confirm any information with you (these details are also confidential and will never be revealed to any third parties) this will be asked for in the basket check out details, we will confirm the delivery address information before we dispatch your order.