Radiator Cover measuring guide

Radiator cover measuring guide, How to measure a radiator in order to fit a radiator cover or cabinet.

There are three main measurements required to use our radiator cover builder: width, height and depth (as illustrated below in FIG 1) , the other measurements needed are for the skirting board and the thermostat access if these are needed, this guide is lower down this page.

The illustration FIG 1 below, shows the three min sizes you need form your radiator and these are the main dimensions needed to enter into the radiator cover builder on our website, the width measurement of your radiator from the outer edge of the valve on the left to the outer edge on the right side, then the height from the floor to the top of the radiator and finally the depth from the wall to the front or the furthest point forwards from the wall.

Measuring tips: lay the tape measure on the floor and put on the lock facility on the tape measure to help with wider radiators, also when measuring the depth check both sides of the radiator and use something with a straight back like a book and place it flat on the radiator front surface over hanging the radiator and then measure from the wall to the straight edge for a more accurate measurement !

when taking these measurements it is a good idea to slightly measure over than being totally accurate!


Design Tip – If your radiator is poorly positioned, you can always order a greater width than your actual radiator in order to bring symmetry and balance to your room, or even if you have a low radiator order a larger height to make a usable shelf for ornamental or photo display area.

Actual Radiator Dimensions.

The measurements you input into the Radiator Cover Builder are your actual radiator sizes (as illustrated above FIG 1)

The radiator cover’s internal dimension will be larger than the Actual radiator measurements to allow the radiator cover to fit over the radiator with ease, this extra airspace also allows for the heat generated to convect inside the cabinet and rise out of the cabinet as normal into your room via the air vents incorporated into our cabinet designs.

Internal Radiator Cover Dimensions.

The illustration below shows the radiator cover carcass outlined in black, as you can see there is spare area all the way around the radiator to allow air flow. When you enter your measurements in to our Radiator Cover Builder we automatically add on an additional 20mm (2cm) on the width, an additional 30mm (3cm) on the height measurement to allow air flow or heat to rise from the radiator in to the room as normal and an additional  minimum of 20mm (2cm) on the depth also for air flow and to allow for the depth of the front grille panel (3-4mm) and the horizontal or vertical grille is 9mm thick.


Finished Radiator Cover Dimensions.

The finished external sizes will obviously be larger than the internal dimensions due to the thickness of our materials used, 18mm premium MDF and also the front and side of th top shelf overhang the cabinet below, the over hang is approx 20mm on all our designs, this can be reduced if space is tight.

Skirting Board

Our skirting board cut out has a straight vertical cut and a rounded top corner (as per illustration below) or if you require we can square cut this please let us know in the additional notes & instructions box, We do not advise ourselves trying to profile cut these cutouts from templates etc as in reality most walls floors etc etc are never straight, true or level and this may cause more problems, if you wish to profile cut yourself on site this will be a more accurate way.Radiator Cover Measuring Guide - Skirting Board Example Front ViewRadiator Cover Measuring Guide - Skirting Board Example Side View

Thermostat Access

The thermostat controllers are not on all radiators and more often than not are very rarely used! depending on the size of the radiator cover they are easily lifted from the internal brackets to gain access for cleaning or occasional ‘bleeding’ or thermostat adjustment, however if you do require more frequent access to the thermo adjuster then you will need some kind of access:

When measuring up for a thermostat hatch we will require the height from the floor to the top of the thermo valve (as per picture below), we may also need the depth if the valve is deeper than the radiator, we will also need to know which side the valve is situated on ‘left or right’ as you look at the radiator, we then allow a cut out or hatch as explained below. We can also put the access hatch in the front panel if the radiator valve is in a corner, please let us know if you need this.Radiator Cover Measuring Guide - Thermostat Cut Out Example Front ViewRadiator Cover Measuring Guide - Thermostat Cut Out Example Side View

We normally make our thermostat access openings around 100mm from top to bottom and the depth the same as the depth of the radiator measurement however if you require a deeper cut or a higher cut to allow better access then please let us know by entering in the ‘additional notes & instructions’ box in the made to measure cover builder page on the right.