Made To Measure Radiator Covers and cabinets

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PLEASE read the item description at the lower of this page to understand the process. The sliders use MM'S only! so please convert from CM'S or INCHES.
Choose your cover's Material & Finish


Radiator measuring guide illustration

1: Enter your Radiator sizes exactly with no added extra as per the diagram above using the sliding bars, PLEASE NOTE:- we will add onto your sizes the necessary air circulation spaces needed (please do not add these on your self or the cabinet will be a lot bigger than needed)  the extra air space we will add are 20mm on the width, 30mm on the height and 15-20mm on the depth depending on the grille design, these will then be the internal (inside) of the cabinet, the out side of the cabinet will be larger,

if you need to know the finished cabinet sizes please drop us an email or reply to the confirmation email and we will confirm this for you,

if for any specific reason you are wanting the cabinet making to a specific size not related to your radiator and more to fill an area then please contact us to discuss.

The increments on the sliders are in 5mm sections or 0.5cm, please convert your sizes into mm’s from inches or cm’s or the system and price will be incorrect, we have a detailed measuring guide please click the link ‘Measuring Guide’

2: Choose a Design for the radiator cover carcass from the 2 choices, the carcass is the top shelf side panels and front panel, any design can have any grille and be finished in any colour or oak veneer finishes

  • The New England is our modern cabinet design with smooth elegant lines, it has a square plinth at the bottom for the air intake at floor level, all the edges have a Bull nose profile and the top shelf has rounded corners.Modern radiator cover design
  • The Old England is our classic cabinet design with arched air intakes and half round profiled side panels, the top shelf comes standard with square corners but we can round the corners for safety if required please leave a message with your order.Classic radiator cover design
    3: Then Choose a Material finish, we have two materials we use,
  • MDF (18mm) this can be supplied untreated (this is sanded to a 180 grit ready for a primer to be applied) or primer coated white by us ready for you to apply a top coat or leave as it arrives, we can also totally finish the cover for you in a top coat with our standard choices of white, cream or black, we also offer an ‘own colour’ service which means we will totally finish the cover for you in your desired colour, we can colour match to most ranges or RAL numbers.
  • Oak veneer (19mm) we can supply this again untreated (sanded to a 180 grit ready for you to apply a stain or varnish etc) or we can fully lacquer the cover in a natural oak finish or we also offer a staining process for medium or dark oak finishes again these are stained then fully lacquered to a smooth satin finish.

4: Then Choose a Grille for the front openings on the radiator cover, any cabinet design can have any grille in any paint finish, the choice is yours, we have a very wide range of grilles:

  • White board pattern, these are 3mm mdf white faced grilles with various punched out designs, if you choose a coloured radiator cover we will paint the grille the same colour to suit.
  • Slatted, this option comes in two orientations: horizontal bars (like a venetian blind) or Vertical bars, in the mdf cabinet choice the grille will come in the same finish as your cabinet ie untreated or white etc, if you have selected oak veneer and oak slatted grille, the grille will come again the same finish as the cabinet choice ie untreated or lacquered or stained etc.
  • Alloy, these grilles are thin alloy sheets with punched out patterns, they come in a choice of silver or gold.

When all your choices are selected the cost will be displayed at the top of the page the price includes VAT but excludes postage this will be displayed when added to the basket.

There are also extra options for a skirting board cut out and you can include extra cut outs for floor beads, pipe boxing etc simply leave a message in the skirting size box provided or email us after order with specifics or photo’s to help us,

Skirting cutout information

we need to know the skirting height and depth from the wall, we will cut to the exact size you give us and we will round the top corner as in the pictures below, if you need the cut out square top corner please leave us a message with your order. 

Radiator Cover Measuring Guide - Skirting Board Example Front View

Skirting Depth

Thermostat access information

you can also have a thermostatic valve access, there are two options for this, one is a simple cut out and the other is a removable hatch to cover the hole, this is removed to adjust the valve when necessary.

Radiator Cover Measuring Guide - Thermostat Cut Out Example Front View
thermostatic valve height floor to the top

Additional information

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