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Regency Brass Grille 41mm All Plain Rosette

Radiator cover Regency brass grille grille decorative screening panel, The design is a 41mm diamond with All Plain rosette (as you can see the Plain rosette is on every joint)  finished in a polished brass and large backing mesh, the fine backing mesh is the same price please specify when you order.

These grilles are hand made and can take up to two weeks for delivery.

They can be installed on any of our 'made to measure' range or purchased separately.

The choices available on the grilles are:-

Diamond sizes of:  25mm, 41mm, 54mm

Backing mesh: fine mesh, large mesh or no mesh

The rosette can be on every joint or alternate joint.

Rosette style: Honey Combe, Oxford, Floral Rosette, Plain


There is a choice of coatings: Chrome, Nickel Plated, Pewter, Satin Chrome, Antique Brass, Bronze Metal Antique

The price shown is for a sheet 600mm x 600mm, if you require a sheet of this product we recommend you call in to discuss or email 'sales' as these are made to the exact dimensions required so they are pattern centred to the aperture you have and allow for an over lap to the rear for fixing etc of approximately 25mm on all four sides.

Please call us on 01274684000 to discuss.

41mm all plain large mesh

Additional notes & instructions

Price: £130.00

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