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To use the Radiator Cover builder & obtain a price we need you to please read the instructions below:-

please click the ? for more information and advice on each section.

There are 4 aspect of a radiator cover that need to be selected below, 1: is the cabinet carcass (the main body of the cover) design, 2: we need your radiator sizes (as per diagram below), 3: is the cabinet carcass finish i.e. satin or gloss white-cream-oak-etc, 4: is the Grille (fret work) the radiator cabinet has openings on the front (amount depends upon width) we have a vast selection of designs.

1:- Choose a Design for the radiator cover carcass from the 3 choices.

2:-Then enter your Radiator sizes as per the diagram below, you can use the sliding bars to enter sizes or put your sizes in the box in mm’s, please convert these from inches or cm’s or the system and price will be incorrect.

3:-Then Choose a Material finish i.e plain MDF untreated or painted or we have MDF Veneer Wood finishes.

4:-Then Choose a Grille for the front openings on the radiator cover.

When these are selected the cost will be displayed in the orange box on the right labelled ‘your cover’ the cost includes VAT excluding postage, this also shows you your choices, any choices still in red have been missed out.

There are also extra options for a skirting cut out or thermostatic valve access at the lower of the page.


A modern design with smooth elegant lines, it has a square plinth, all edges are chamfered and the top shelf has cross cut corners as a safety feature.
A classic design with curved feet and top vents, sides and top shelf have rounded edges, the shelf has square corners.
Based on the traditional Old England design, it has additional shaped skirting on the lower rail and decorative edged shelf with rounded corners.


Please use the sliders or enter your dimensions in the text fields
Finished width of top shelf 0mm (approx)
Finished depth of top shelf 0mm (approx)
The finished height 0mm (approx)
mm This is your measured width valve to valve with an additional 40mm air gap allowance
mm This is your measured height with an additional 30mm air gap allowance
mm This is your measured depth with an additional 25mm air gap allowance
This is for illustrative purposes only. It does not represent your cover exactly. We will add the correct number of centre bars to centralise the grilles during the build. Please contact us or leave a message in the Notes section if you have any questions

Choose your material

  • Untreated
  • Primer
  • Top coat
    • Gloss white
    • Satin antique white (cream)
    • Satin black
    • Satin White
  • Own colour
If you would like a different stained Veneer or you have any questions, please Contact Us
  • Pine
    • Untreated - Natural Pine
    • Pine - Clear Satin Varnish
  • Oak
    • Untreated - Natural Oak
    • Natural Oak - Clear Satin Varnish
    • Medium Oak - Clear Satin Varnish
    • Dark Oak - Clear Satin Varnish
  • Mahogany
    • Untreated: (will leave ends bare MDF)
    • Mahogany Stain - Clear Satin Varnish
    • Deep Mahogany Stain - Clear Satin Varnish
    • Teak Mahogany Stain - Clear Satin Varnish
    • Walnut Mahogany Stain - Clear Satin Varnish

Choose your Grille


Hatch or Cutout
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